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Goaviatorsathletics.com Track and Field Jeopardy


Spring is fast approaching which means time for Goaviatorsathletics.com Track Jeopardy!


Our contestants this year are:  Coaches Larry Fisher, Ali Bussa, Maddie Cox, Joe

Skrycki and Todd Gayan.


The category today is WMMA’s #1 sport.

First answer.

Throw, jump, run, vault, relays….

Coach Fisher.

“What is track and field?”



Second answer.

2018 and 2019 the men and women’s track teams won….

Coach Bussa.

“What is Alliance Conference Titles?”



Third question.

March 9th 2020….

Coach Gayan.

“When is the start of track and field season?”



Fourth Answer.

Freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors………

Coach Skrycki.

“What classes make up the track team?”



Fifth answer.

An athlete must have a physician signed form in the school file before


Coach Bussa.

“What is an Athlete Physical?”



Sixth answer.

Gym, hallways, parking lot…..

Coach Cox.

“Where is practiced held after school?”



Seventh answer

Daily Double!

Before the start of track and field season there will be a……..

Coach Fisher.

What is a track and field kick off meeting?


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